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Visit our nursery and stroll the grounds for inspiration for how
you can transform your yard
into a native plant oasis!

We are on Summer hiatus, 
however, we are available for
special orders. Please email us at:

4550 Oak Grove Dr
Pasadena, CA 91103
Hahamongna Watershed Park


Rosa californica

The Hahamongna Native Plant Nursery is dedicated to promoting pollinator and wildlife habitat growth one yard at a time! We specialize in California native plants, many found and propagated right here in the Arroyo Seco watershed. 

Numerous California native plants and trees are endemic (naturally occurring and unique to this area) and have evolved to thrive in the Southern California climate. They can subsist on the water and soil naturally available with minimal additional input, reducing the need for excessive watering and fertilizers.

Landscaping with native plants provides optimal food and habitat for wildlife while at the same time minimizing negative ecological impacts.   

Unsure what is adapted to grow in your area? Calscape is a great resource with pictures, general description, native range, condition requirements, and wildlife supported.  You can look up individual plants or use their garden planner tool for landscaping suggestions based on your location and aesthetic preferences!


We love hosting group events!

  • Get students and youth groups outside and into Nature’s classroom

  • Commemorate birthdays and anniversaries by celebrating nature

  • Strengthen your team and your community with corporate volunteerism

Contact us for ideas and scheduling!



We endeavor to keep our inventory up to date...but please contact us if you don't see the native plant you are looking for on the list!

Typical Inventory

  • Achillea millefolium (common yarrow)

  • Acmispon glaber (deerweed)

  • Allium haematochiton (red-skinned onion)

  • Anemopsis californica (yerba mansa)

  • Arctostaphylos 'Austin Griffiths'

  • Arctostaphylos densiflora ‘Howard McMinn’ (Howard McMinn manzanita)

  • Arctostaphylos densiflora ‘Sentinel’ (Sentinel manzanita)

  • Arctostaphylos ‘Emerald Carpet’ (Emerald Carpet manzanita)

  • Artemisia californica (California sagebrush)

  • Artemisia californica ‘Canyon Grey’ (Canyon Grey sagebrush)

  • Artemisia douglasiana (mugwort)

  • Artemisia pycnocephala ‘David’s Choice’ (David’s Choice sagebrush)

  • Aristida purpurea (purple three awn)

  • Aster chilensis 'Purple Haze’ (Purple Haze coast aster)

  • Atriplex canescens (four wing saltbush)

  • Atriplex lentiformis (quail bush)

  • Baccharis pilularis (coyote bush)

  • Baccharis pilularis ‘Pigeon Point’ (Pigeon Point coyote bush)

  • Baccharis salicifolia (mule fat)

  • Berberis aquifolium var. repens (creeping barberry)

  • Bouteloua gracilis (blue grama grass)

  • Carex praegracilis (clustered field sedge

  • Ceanothus ‘Centennial’ (Centennial mountain lilac)

  • Ceanothus 'Frosty Blue'

  • Ceanothus ‘Joyce Coulter’ (Joyce Coulter mountain lilac)

  • Ceanothus maritimus ‘Popcorn’ (Popcorn mountain lilac)

  • Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. griseus 'Yankee Point'

  • Ceanothus thyrsiflorus ‘Snow Flurry’ (Snow Flurry mountain lilac)

  • Cercis occidentalis (Western redbud)

  • Cercocarpus betuloides (mountain mahogany)

  • Clarkia unguiculata (elegant clarkia)

  • Clinopodium douglasii (yerba buena)

  • Cylindropuntia prolifera (coast cholla)

  • Datura wrightii (sacred datura)

  • Diplacus aurantiacus (sticky monkeyflower)

  • Dudleya lanceolata (lanceleaf liveforever)

  • Encelia californica (bush sunflower)

  • Encelia farinosa (brittlebush)

  • Elymus condensatus (giant wild rye)

  • Epilobium canum (California fuchsia)

  • Erigeron glaucus ‘Wayne Roderick’ (Wayne Roderick seaside daisy)

  • Eriogonum cinereum (ashy leaf buckwheat)

  • Eriogonum fasciculatum (California buckwheat)

  • Eriogonum fasciculatum ‘Warriner Lytle’ (Warriner Lytle California buckwheat)

  • Eriogonum giganteum (St. Catherine’s lace/giant buckwheat)

  • Eriophyllum confertiflorum (golden yarrow)

  • Erythranthe cardinalis (scarlet monkeyflower)

  • Eschscholzia californica (California poppy)

  • Fragaria vesca (woodland strawberry)

  • Frangula californica ‘Eve Case’ (Eve Case coffeeberry)

  • Fremontodendron 'Ken Taylor'

  • Gambelia speciosa ‘Firecracker’ (Firecracker island snapdragon)

  • Gilia capitata (blue field gilia)

  • Grindelia camporum (gum plant)

  • Heuchera ‘Rosada’ (Rosada alumroot)

  • Hesperoyucca whipplei (chaparral yucca)

  • Heteromeles arbutifolia (toyon)

  • Heteromeles arbutifolia ‘Davis Gold’ (Davis Gold toyon)

  • Heterotheca grandiflora (telegraph weed)

  • Iris ‘Canyon Snow’

  • Iris douglasoana (Douglas iris)

  • Isocoma menziesii (coast goldenbush)

  • Juncus patens (common rush)

  • Juncus xiphioides (iris leaf rush)

  • Juglans californica (black walnut)

  • Keckiella cordifolia (climbing penstemon)

  • Lepechinia fragrans (fragrant pitcher sage)

  • Lupinus albifrons (silver lupine)

  • Lupinus succulentus (arroyo lupine)

  • Lycium brevipes (desert thorn)

  • Malacothamnus clementinus (San Clemente Island bushmallow)

  • Malacothamnus fasciculatus (chaparral mallow)

  • Malosma laurina (laurel sumac)

  • Mimulus ‘Jelly Bean Fiesta Marigold’ (Jelly Bean Fiesta Marigold monkeyflower)

  • Monardella macrantha ‘Marian Sampson’ (Marian Sampson coyote mint)

  • Monardella villosa (coyote mint)

  • Muhlenbergia rigens (deergrass)

  • Oenothera elata (Hooker’s evening primrose)

  • Opuntia basilaris (beavertail cactus)

  • Opuntia littoralis (prickly pear cactus)

  • Penstemon centranthifolius (scarlet bugler)

  • Penstemon eatonii (firecracker penstemon)

  • Penstemon heterophyllus ‘Electric Blue’ (Electric Blue foothill penstemon)

  • Penstemon pseudospectabilis (desert penstemon)

  • Penstemon spectabilis (showy penstemon)

  • Peritoma arborea (bladderpod)

  • Phacelia tanacetifolia (lacy phacelia)

  • Platanus racemosa (Western sycamore)

  • Polystrichum munitum (western sword fern)

  • Populus fremontii (Fremont cottonwood)

  • Prunus ilicifolia (hollyleaf cherry)

  • Pseudognaphalium californicum (California everlasting)

  • Quercus agrifolia (coast live oak)

  • Quercus dumosa (Nutall’s scrub oak)

  • Quercus engelmannii (Engelmann oak)

  • Quercus lobata (valley oak)

  • Rhamnus crocea (spiny redberry)

  • Ribes aureum (golden currant)

  • Ribes sanguineum (red flowering currant)

  • Ribes viburnifolium (Catalina currant)

  • Romneya coulteri (Matilija poppy)

  • Rosa californica (California rose)

  • Rubus ursinus (Pacific blackberry)

  • Salix gooddingii (black willow)

  • Salix lasiolepis (arroyo willow)

  • Salvia apiana (white sage)

  • Salvia ‘Bee’s Bliss’ (Bee’s Bliss sage)

  • Salvia ‘Celestial Blue’ (Celestial Blue sage)

  • Salvia clevelandii ‘Winnifred Gilman’ (Winnifred Gilman Cleveland sage)

  • Salvia ‘Dara’s Choice’ (Dara’s Choice sage)

  • Salvia leucophylla (purple sage)

  • Salvia mellifera (black sage)

  • Salvia pachyphylla (blue sage)

  • Salvia sonomensis ‘Mrs. Beard’ (Mrs. Beard creeping sage)

  • Sambucus mexicana (elderberry)

  • Sisyrinchium bellum (blue-eyed grass)

  • Solanum xanti ‘Mountain Pride’ (Mountain Pride Blue Witch nightshade)

  • Solidago californica (California goldenrod)

  • Sphaeralcea ambigua (desert globemallow)

  • Stachys bulata (hedge nettle)

  • Stipa lepida (foothill needlegrass)

  • Stipa pulchra (purple needle grass)

  • Umbellularia californica (California bay tree)

  • Verbena lilacina 'De La Mina'

  • Verbena lilacina 'Paseo Rancho’

  • Vitis californica (California grape)

  • Vitis californica ‘Roger’s Red’ (Roger’s Red grape)


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